About 3P Net online Directory

3P Net online directory is designed to facilitate a worldwide network of Procurement Professionals and link them to potential Public and Private sector clients.

Estimated at $9 Trillion value globally, public procurement has evolved into a multi-faceted and multi-sectoral specialization. Effective public procurement calls for Just-in-Time advisory, consulting and collaboration that spans sectors, countries and often, continents. Hence, there is a clear need for a dedicated online platform for procurement professionals to project their professional profiles, share their key competencies, strengths and interest areas to counterparts else where.

3P Net online directory is also in response to the request from many senior Public Procurement officials for an IT-enabled mechanism to locate the best feasible procurement expertise from around the world. Procurement iNET and Procurementlearning.org, the online learning and networking platform powered by the World Bank, dedicates this unique 3P Net online directory to the public procurement profession.

First Online Recognition Program: Get yourself a “Procurement Title”

3P Net online directory incorporates a bespoke scoring methodology to award procurement professionals a title. Every one with a professional experience of five or more years in procurement is scored. An algorithm has been devised to score based on professional experience and expertise in a particular field of procurement. Based on this score, the following Title’s are awarded:

  • Procurement Practitioner
  • Procurement Expert
  • Procurement Master
  • Procurement Mentor

The algorithm that is used to award the “Title” for an individual incorporates the following criteria, with different weightages:

  1. Years of experience in core procurement roles
  2. National / Regional / International experience
  3. Sectors (by ownership) exposed to
  4. Types of procurement handled
  5. Specialization in procurement procedures
  6. Economic sectors worked in, and
  7. Procurement-specific educational qualifications

Individuals may choose to display this Title on their public profiles within the 3P Net online directory.